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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

BRING IT ON 2015!!

It is the new year already, marked by the Gregorian calendar- I can't believe it, time flies by. I look back on 2014 and everything that has been done and accomplished, and I am amazed. It is a full time job to be living the life you dare to create.

As I write this now I am cozy within my beautiful temple of a home in Ogden, Utah. For the next few hours my intention is to reflect back on 2014 and to create dreams and visions for 2015. Thus, the reason behind this post.

Some of my major highlights in the year 2014 was: moving out of our tiny cottage into a friends house north of salt lake city, spending 40 days in Peru, road tripping to the North West to attend the North West Alchemy Conference and the lovely transformational Ecosex Convergence in Washington, deciding on that road trip to move to Ogden to be close to Phoenix's daughter, moving to Ogden into a home we love, building our Solarium Elixir Temple, establishing ourselves within the community in Ogden, Phoenix building/starting his Medical Astrology Practice, starting my own massage/somatic bodywork practice, teaching yoga regularly, starting a bi-monthly ecstatic dance in Ogden, joining the Zija/Ameo essential oil team, having my brother visit for 2 months, and "unofficially" getting engaged :) (Down the road we will have the most epic proposal ever for one another resulting in a sort of hand fasting ceremony- cause we like to do things our way !)

Isn't it amazing to look back on your year and think about where you were exactly one year ago, what you were doing on this day a year ago, and what you thought you would do with your life back then.... did it all come true as you wished/planned/hoped? I know for me that my life is taking drastic turns for the better all the time. I feel more grounded then ever, and it feels amazing to have a partner to work towards common life goals with. This next year feels like it is going to involve a lot of groundwork for future years. The way I lay this groundwork is extremely important for my future self, everything depends on the next thing... and all of my choices have consequences big or small.

Sometimes it is really hard to plan for the future, because as life naturally unfolds in it's divine timing, I am shown things and drawn to do things that I would never have conceived of in my mind. Yet everything is obviously divinely orchestrated. It never ceases to amaze me the way things to fall into place when I step back and take an objective perspective. For example; Phoenix and I have talked about wanting to make our own body care supplies, but we kind of put that on hold while everything else we are creating took precedent. After falling in love with Ameo Essential oils, and while making Christmas presents using these oils, the original idea came back around. Why don't we actually create a body care line using Ameo Essential Oils and Spagyrics?
 We will be using only the finest highest quality ingredients and formulating new recipes blending together the best of the best.
If we can make it happen this year we will, but we would love to sell produce from our garden at farmers markets along side our body-care line. We plan to have an epic garden using permaculture principles to grow organic, non GMO, heirloom fruits and veggies. Phoenix has formulated an incredible liposomal Vitamin C product using spagyrics and ameo essential oils as well. We would love to offer a liposomal supplement line, making vitamins, minerals, and amino acids available at a cellular level to boost overall immunity to the moon!
(I am personally super excited for these supplements, since taking just the Vitamin C alone I have felt a big difference in my overall health. )

Phoenix is booming within his personal growth and his success is only going to grow, grow, grow. He has a beautiful system laid out where he can give a personalized medical astrology reading to breakdown astral imbalances and how they physically manifest into symptoms within the body. He then has a monthly plan he can put clients on to remediate their imbalances through using Spagyrics and other Alchemical medicines. This will ultimately treat their physical imbalances through directly healing their astral imbalances. Already his Medical Astrology is blowing up in popularity, and he is so spot on with every person he works with.  This aspect of his work would be enough, but alas there are so many other epic projects he has under his belt it would take days to explain. For the time being I am choosing to take a slight shift in my energy to focus more of my extra time and energy towards helping Phoenix get his business off the ground. But once we have residual income rolling in, and things are a bit more stable I plan on taking my somatic practice much more seriously. When we have enough money, that I am able to take trainings and workshops at my own leisure, you better bet that is what I will be doing! I want to learn as much as I can about Somatics, Fascia, Posture, and the body/mind connection in general. I am beginning to experience the beginnings of our humble yet powerful healing center that is now currently known as the Solarium. I am beyond excited to see what the future brings in terms of health breakthroughs coming from both Phoenix and I, and our combined efforts to serve humanity.

2015 feels big for me. It feels like a year filled with homesteading, rooting, getting our lifestyles (eating habits) dialed in, establishing our names in our local community and across the web, some travel for work/pleasure among many more things I can't yet imagine. It feels truly like the year where income will become stabilized and become residual to the point of living very comfortably. 2015 feels like a year of hopes and dreams become fulfilled, and if not fulfilled in 2015 then at least on the way to becoming fulfilled in the future. It feels like a year of being earthy and real with myself. A time to initiate community revolutions and to truly establish a safe haven of transformation within the greater Ogden community.

There is a great need for community hubs all across the globe. We are intending and creating a safe haven of transformation for those in the Utah valley to experience the magic of Alchemy, community, and sacred space within our humble home. I am excited beyond measure to see how this seed catches fire and spreads across the nation as others feel called to pull community together in the way they see fit. I am excited to see how the beginnings of our healing center is being cultivated, and I can only barely scratch the surface within my mind/conception, of how this work Phoenix and I are doing is going to change the face of health care. This feels big to me. Very big, and I get to fully lay my foundations in this upcoming year, knowing very well how the Divine likes to magically weave her tapestry of creations into manifestation- (meaning, there is so much about to unfold that I currently have no conception of, but it will be perfect beyond measure).

So long story short, BRING IT! BRING IT ON 2015! I am ready for ABUNDANCE in every way!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What is New in Ogden, Utah

Ok Ok!

I want to start blogging a bit more again! I am in super inspiration mode at the moment! Mainly around my personal business, and strategizing ways to get out and about in the world! I will probably make another blog based just around Somatics, tips, tricks. personal experiences etc! So stay tuned for that ya'll! I am thinking this will be more of a travel blog, and a personal adventure blog, such as the title suggests!

Some thoughts I am having!
I am ready to allow some residual income to flow in.  There is a new business I am just learning about that has me really excited! I will share more information in a more formal setting later- (don't wanna jump the guns), but the prospect of earning thousands of dollars residual income always sounds amazing to me, and I swear I AM ready!

WHAT would you do with an ample income enough to support your every dream, and enough time to let the dreams have the attention they need? Would you start fully living then? Manifesting one dream after another? With all the resources you need to make shit happen, why the fuck not?

So after about 3 1/2 months living here in Ogden Utah, I would say I am pretty well acclimatized! I don't necessarily have a ton of friends yet up here :) But I would say I know a few people :) I came up to Ogden and immediately placed myself where I needed to be! I am now teaching yoga at 3 different studios, hosting a bi-monthly ecstatic dance (trying so hard to get a community started up here), slowly building up my private practice out of my home, almost done with our Elixir Temple (the Solarium), and many more things are up my sleeve! It takes a LOT of money and work to MOVE... goodness... we didn't just move though. We moved, then painted 4 rooms in the house, and invested a bit of money towards making our living room into our beloved Solarium Temple.

It is amazing what having a nice spacious house can do for you, and for your relationship! So much is able to unfold and manifest, just the fact that we have a grounded beautiful space to call home! I am so excited to continue to see the space unfold! As I am writing this, Phoenix has two apprentices upstairs that are rather quickly being trained to be able to help Phoenix out in the lab! It is totally a win, win scenario for both parties! And it is good for us to get some help with the further production of medicines!

I am hoping to have our FIRST ELIXIR night within the next month! Where 10 people roughly will be invited into our Solarium to enjoy an evening of various Elixirs! They will be filled with the most high vibrational substances we can find :) Including various potent Spagryics (alchemical medicines/tinctures), as well as probably our newest passion (liposomal vitamin C). The idea is to have the Solarium as a multi-purpose room/space! A space where people can gather in an intimate setting to discuss and learn all manner of things. Our intention is to have a high vibrational, sacred space here in Ogden, for transformation to occur- whether through elixirs, through healing, through conversation, or through learning! Coincidentally, the temple space looks just like a Red Tent, and therefore I would love to start hosting Moon Time Ceremonies, and Goddess Gatherings in the Solarium! Oh, so much on our minds, hearts, and plates!

We are also looking forward to producing various products such as soaps, lotions, oils, room sprays, and other alchemical salves! Down the road we want to start growing various bio-dynamic and heirloom plants and be able to offer them at various farmers markets!

So life is full, beautiful, rich, and INCREDIBLE!
I never thought I would love Ogden more then Salt Lake City, but the secret is now out :)
The nature is so close, there is the best spring water minutes from our house up a hiking trail (we carry our water down the mountain :) And overall, it feels like there is so much opportunity here!
Plus rent is cheaper then Salt Lake, so those that wanna move- come check out Ogden :)

Ok ok,
Until Soon

Monday, May 26, 2014

Realizations, Transformations.

Major Transformations are in the air!

Phoenix and I have 6 more days here in the beautiful sweltering jungle of Peru! I can't believe the time has flown this quickly, and yet, like everything, it seems like years have taken place. Time is only this bizarre concept limiting us to this material plane. When engaging with medicinal "medicine", its ability to stretch and bend is evident. Thus- 6 days could be all we need for more life changing events!

Today Phoenix and I have been both having major realizations about life, and life path, and who we are and what we want. This might be partially contributed to having taken a few drops of the Archaeus of Water- made with angel water and made from the spring on site. (Thus being unreasonable potent).
 I am realizing all the ways in which I limit myself in life, just through the need to identify with a certain way of being, or a certain self-image/idea. For example; for the longest time, I have identified myself as a "dancer". It has been, and still is, a huge passion of mine, serving as such a potent therapy for many years. Over the last 3 years I have seen a major death take place around my identification with being a "modern dancer", and I have watched that shift into "being a somatic therapist/bodyworker/healer/mover". Now, don't get me wrong, the healing arts and movement are definitely areas I want to devote my life to, and "somatics" is something that speaks to the deepest part of me. YET, I don't have to have fear that if I go and study something else, for example, Alchemy, that I can't also be a somatic practitioner, a movement lover, and a body-worker. NO! I can only expand my current range of possibility as an expressive human being. I am watching this beautiful shift occurring, where I am freeing myself of weird, unknown, unconscious limitations. Why am I so afraid of so many illusionary things, or afraid that if I go down this one "path", I might lose my "true path"?? Is there such a thing? I have limited myself in so many ways. I haven't even been aware that I was indeed limiting myself. It is incredible to realize the amount of sub-conscious fear that is present, and controlling one's life. These fears I have aren't very obvious. They are sneaky bitches. :)

I have this fear of losing myself? Wait, but what if I haven't even found myself yet? What about losing myself entirely to actually find  myself? I get so comfortable in what it is that I know. Like we all do. For example, if we were to talk about the potential of humans to thrive without eating food, and just existing off of barefoot walking, and regimented sun-gazing, and the potential for ME to do that- my base response is no. But what if the next step of my evolution was to stop eating? Would my ego stop my soul from attaining its desired level of consciousness, out of fear? There is proof out there of various people, (mostly in India), who haven't eaten for 10 plus years- and who solely transmute the earths energy, thrive on doing such. Imagine how much free time you would have in your hands. What would you do with all that extra money being spent on food (especially crap food) that oxidizes your system, and causes disease? What if you didn't have to eat anymore? Socially you would become an outcast. Spiritually you would far advance any of your food-loving peers, and physically you would become very pure. Now my soul on one hand loves this idea! Wow, spiritual evolution surpassing what I could ever imagine! Also, all this extra time to do various fun and engaging things! My ego on the other hand, is completely mortified. Why would I ever want to do that? I LOVE food, I can even identify myself into a special group of people that all eat the same way (I'm a raw food, organic, locally sourced, mostly vegetarian hippie freak)! I love pot lucks, I love the variety, what in the world would I do with all that extra time? Where would my friends go?

So, if I choose to go down this path of Sun-gazing, and slowly, incrementally, weaning myself off of food, I am cutting "myself" off from the "Norianna" built by society, and what is acceptable. IF I walk down the path of true spiritual progression, I will continually find myself up against my screaming Ego, yelling all sorts of scary things into my head. Yet I think it is the mark of a true warrior to hear those fears, and go through the hard but noble path anyways. JUST because it will make her stronger, wiser, and teach her what is truly HER'S- what is it that she can truly call her own? Anything that I cling onto, to make myself the "I"dentiy that I "think" I "am, is probably false. Identity is false. Yet, because we live on Earth it is a necessary thing, just as is Ego, to help us function and survive in this world. So the trick is, how can we merge our identification of self, with the eternal wisdom of the soul, and therefore create a true empowered human being that is fully capable of everything he/she desires?!!!

 First step: figuring out where you are stuck in the illusion of who you think you are! I think I am this dancer/somatic therapist/bodyworker, and this is my "true path", anything else might stray me from my "true purpose"......
 Well, that is a load of bullshit.
 I am infinite and my soul is so grand that nothing I could be or do might come close to expressing its full potential.

So the next step is to allow myself to explore. I ALLOW myself to explore. For example. I am allowing myself to do more exploration using psychedelics and medicinal plant teachers. I am open to living a life I have never even imagined for myself- if this means true spiritual progression. Basically I want to keep pushing myself, keep exploring the boundaries of who I think I am, and who I think I want to be.
So..... I can allow myself to also be interested in Alchemy. I mean:  I can allow myself to dive fully into it, if this is indeed what is calling me. I don't have to be scared or hesitant in any way to go down the same path as my beloved life partner. I had these fears that I would "lose myself" in the relationship if I were to be into Alchemy, because Phoenix is. I had to remain independent and separate, because if I didn't stay true to my path, I don't know- I would "lose myself"???? HOW can I lose myself- if I haven't truly found ME yet???? Doesn't this sound insane? YET I have allowed this to dictate my life for a long time. This overachieving ideal of staying true to me, true to my path... etc. (DISCLAIMER): What I am advocating for now, is this sense of freedom in choosing direction in my life path. I had a more narrow energy surrounding my ideas of IDENTIFICATION for myself, and who is "Norianna"?!  What I am shifting into now is this recognition that the big "I" is always exploring, shifting, and creating. I am FREE!

I don't have to do everything now. I can't.

I don't have to be a certain thing. But I can if I want to be.

I am still and probably will always consider myself a dancer, and someone who works with the body in healing ways. This is very much the essence of me as well.

Yet, I can dive deeply into this tradition of Alchemy, if I choose. I can help build an eco-village in the desert of Utah, if I choose. I can live a deeply esoteric, spiritual, multi-dimensional life, IF I choose. The best part is, the more I push myself to opening new envelopes of consciousness and personality within myself, the more I discover MYSELF. The more I discover MYSELF, the more I can love myself. The more I love myself, the more I can love others. The more I can love- the better the world is, the better my world is. The more I expand my possibility of self, the more I can show up in the world and serve in the highest good of all.

I don't have to put this unnecessary pressure on myself all the time to figure things out, or to know what the hell my plan is. I don't know. Things always change. I only know that my direction is wholeness. Integration of Soul, Spirit, and Body. I wish to go higher and higher. I will allow myself the freedom to do the things necessary to propel my own evolution. There is nothing else in life that can bring greater joy, then fulfilling the souls purpose. The only purpose each of us have, is to evolve ourselves. To grow our soul, to attain more liberation then we had. On and on and on, this goes-


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Crazy jungle adventure

Oh Peru, how I love you so. You make my heart sing and my skin glow!

Today I met 3 Canadians in the Huequito market place, where I was randomly shopping for some fresh fruits and veggies. I was alone and therefore probably more easily approachable. These three were definitely an odd combination and divulged some highly exciting news to me. I was only able to talk to them for a few minutes, and made a plan to see them tomorrow right down the street at the cool river-side hostel they are staying at. So far what I found out, was that they are part of several (?) worldwide organizations working to bring the new paradigm to 3-D density. They are bringing Nikola Tesla's free energy generator to Peru and in 6 weeks the built generator will arrive and start creating free energy for an area in Tarapoto, Peru!!! They are also involved with 3-D printing, and creating off the grid, eco-sustainable, harmonious communities. So far, they told me that people of Peru have been giving them acres upon acres of land, once they find out what this trio (and many others working together) are doing! HOW radically, and beyond radically exciting this is! I CAN NOT wait to sit down with these geniuses and hear more, and find a way to plug into this project myself. One of the guys was saying he loves to hear about all the projects that are similar in the world, so they can start to create a world wide network of these amazingly progressive projects!

So I now know why I left for the market at 12:30 today, on a Tuesday! How freaking fortuitous.

Yesterday was quite an adventure. The planning of the day started happening around noon, and therefore started stressing me out way unnecessarily :)
Andrew and Kate are still here, they will be flying out tomorrow at 1 pm to Lima, and from there taking a flight to Boston to spend 5 days with family before flying back to Ireland. It has been truly wonderful having them here a full week, it has felt like so much longer though. I hope we get to visit them in Ireland one of these days and dive into their local culture! Anyways, yesterday we all wanted to do something, so Aubrey suggested we take a "collective" out to San Antonio about 45 minutes away and find a guide to explore the local waterfall named "Huacamaillo". We arrived probably some time shortly before 4- and being that the sun sets at 6 we really didn't have much time to explore. Immediately we were introduced to a local guide who willingly took us into the enchanted jungle of San Antonio. About 15 minutes into the beautiful jungle hike, Phoenix, who was talking with the guide up front, started warning us about very poisonous  snakes that like to lie by the river beds and warm rocks. The guide was also telling us about Chullanchaqui a little furry man-thing that protects the forest. They are devilish creatures and have been seen to be shape shifters. In their original form, they run very quickly through the forest and often deter humans from their jungle paths. Our guide was very serious when he warned us about him, for his own brother was attacked by this supposedly "mythical creature" who are indeed VERY real.  So this became quite the hike, watching out for snakes and Chullanchaqui, while doing our best to keep up with our skinny Peruvian tour guide. There were two points at which we had to completely get wet to cross a pretty deep and swift river. Thankfully our guide helped Kate and I across, but left the boy's to their own devices :) After to what was probably close to an hour, we finally arrived at the gorgeous waterfall secluded in a little nook of the rainforest. Phoenix and Andrew took full advantage and jumped into the murky waters below, off the edge of the waterfall, Kate and I were a little less adventurous. Nonetheless we all got shots of the retrospective couples kissing under the waterfall!

After about 20 minutes, we had to hurry back to make it out of the beautiful but dangerous jungle before nightfall. At this point the rain was coming down pretty heavy. Our guide told us to hurry because the rivers rise pretty quickly when it rains heavily there. We passed a cute couple with the cutest housing set up; deep in the jungle, they had a small hut and seemed to be living there completely happy and more or less off the grid. (Great retirement plan:) ) Alas with a few minutes to spare, before true nightfall, we emerged out of the incredibly beautiful jungle.

Now, the only problem was how we were going to get back to Tarapoto, because no more collectivos were heading out that way. One man offered to take us on his motocarro (tri-ped motorcycle thing), alas the funniest part of the whole trip began. Andrew, Kate, and Phoenix were squished into the seat and I had to lay horizontally on top of all three. My feet were hanging off the edge, and my head was bouncing on Andrew's lap. I was pretty much laughing the whole hour ride back to the city, enjoying the glowing stars as I gazed up at the sky, bouncing to the beat of the crickets as the motocarro maneuvered his way through the ditches.

We arrived! Our clothes were still soaking wet from the river and rain, but we definitely had a memorable experience. After we all showered and put on clean clothes, it was time for pizza at the lovely romantic Cafe D' Mundo, one of the finest and most beautiful restaurants in town!

Today I had 2 dance classes, one in the AM and one in the PM. My "bad" dance teacher (truly
the worst instructor of my entire life), wants me and her to dance in front of the children she teaches next Thursday. I will be performing in a traditional mini poofy skirt, a very boring repetitive dance in front of a bunch of kids?! Oh my pleasure...... not. HAHA but why the hell not? That is my philosophy.

I am about to eat a LOVELY dinner prepared by chef Andrew! It has been so nice having a house full of people, we will definitely be sad to see them both go.

Until soon, where I will divulge more information about the great projects the Canadians are up to!!!

Whoot WHOOT!
Toast, to saving the world through free energy, eco-communities, and the rising consciousness of humanity.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Epic adventure of Chachapoyas

Wow! I am back from one of the most incredible experiences EVER! Phoenix and I left on a treacherous journey about 8 hours away from Tarapoto to visit Chachapoyas in the Amazonas region in the north of Peru. I got back yesterday and things are so different here at the Yacumama Ecovillage already.

Thursday, Phoenix and I left our quaint little ecovillage at around noon. We made it to the "collectivo" pick up area in Tarapoto within a few minutes. This is a pretty efficient system where basically a sort of Taxi Car/Taxi Driver gets paid anywhere from 5-10-20 soles per person to drive a car full of people to the next destination. We had to take the first "collectivo" to Moyobamba, which was about a 2 hour drive in a normal car meant for 4 people comfortably. There were 4 of us in the back seat, with Phoenix cramped in one corner, having to lean his shoulder out the window to get enough room to breathe! To the left of me was a sweet Peruvian mother with her 5 year old daughter, who commented on my nose piercing, and said that when she was older she wants an eyebrow piercing and tongue piercing. HAHA!!! I have never heard a little kid say that before:)

We finally made it to Moyobamba and figured out we could take another "collectivo" to Nueva Cajamarca and from there we could catch a "Combi" to finish the trip for the day to Pedro Ruiz. Now the most terrifying drive of our lives started in the "Combi" while it was lightly raining on our way to Pedro Ruiz. Both Phoenix and I were freezing our asses off the whole 6 hours while cramped in an uncomfortable seat. The front windows were rolled down, probably, so the driver could stay awake better. We were both on high alert the whole time, because the driver had no idea that the double yellow lines meant that he was supposed to stay in his lane. Now this road up the mountain is as curvy as they come, sometimes with only enough room for one car to pass at a time around a large bend. Our driver would basically drive as often in the left lane, as he would drive in the right lane, and had no idea what a smooth brake application felt like. We would be jolted forward time and time again as the driver would literally pump the breaks to the beat of the cheesy Peruvian music. Phoenix had it worse off then I did. He was probably clenching his butt checks the whole way there :) I prayed to my guardian angels that we would make it safely, and then I just more or less had to trust that the driver knew what he was doing.

When we finally, thankfully made it to the small town of Pedro Ruiz, we decided to just spend the night there in an actually very decent and clean hotel room for 40 soles!

The one thing about this place that I will remember dearly, is the OH so lovely water. IT WAS YELLOW!! NOT even joking. When you flushed the toilet it still looked like there was old pee just sitting there. The actual tap water of the whole area was a mean yellow. Phoenix got very sick that night after our funny escapade of going out to eat, where he ordered an olive sandwich. Yep, you guessed it! This meant: salty olives with nothing else but hard and tasteless bread. ????!!!! Getting back to the hotel he was not doing well at all, after dosing him up with spagyrics, I was able to do some bodywork/energywork. Very cool and powerful releases were happening, and he felt loads better after I started working on him. The next day he felt great and we could continue with our adventure.

 From Pedro Ruiz we took another "combi/bus" to Chachapoyas. Where we arrived in the morning. We got dropped off in some random spot, and just walked until we found the first cheap hostel. We found it alright, the first room we had (but ended up changing rooms later because it was too bad), was welcoming us in with the warm scent of mold! (And a symphony of creaking floor boards!)

Friday was spent walking around downtown Chachapoyas looking in cute tourist shops and taking tons of pictures. After lunch, Phoenix and I went inside this little artisan area where little boys were selling hand carved stones of the ruins around that area. They were incredibly beautiful and incredibly cheap! We also made friends with some Peruvians selling mushrooms, and they fixed up a mean mushroom cerviche! One of the older ladies offered to teach us the names and properties of local medicinal plants in the area, after finding out how interested we were in learning. We got her email and tentatively planned on seeing her on Sunday. It turned out later that she never responded to the email, and so something else was able to unfold instead.

Walking down a random street, I happened to spot a language school with wide open doors. Next thing you know we were both in the back office with Kerry and he is a bad ass! He probably spent about 2 hours explaining  the history of the school, and being very honest with where it is at, as well as the process that's occurring as he is transitioning into becoming the owner. He also gave us a lot of tips about Chachapoyas. Basically this city is completely amazing. The people there, make it completely unique. It is extremely rare to have anyone jip you for being a "gringo" (foreigner). When it rains, the cars deliberately pull off  to the opposite side of the road from the pedestrians, and go slow, as not to splash the people walking. No one gets mad publicly, everyone is very friendly and helpful, and as genuine as one can get. Basically Kerry was confirming our suspicion that it is very easy to fall in love with Chachapoyas.

By the end of the meeting Phoenix was already convinced he wanted to dedicate 3 months to teaching English and having to an opportunity to do rare research on high mountain medicinal herbs. We will see how life continues to unfold, but I wouldn't mind teaching English there for 3 months while getting my hands dirty teaching dance and creative movement there as well.

Kerry had also suggested that we go to a famous gathering place called "La Reina" later Friday night to grab some drinks and meet some good folk. We did just that, and ended up having an absolute blast. As soon as we walked into the bar some Peruvian doctors invited us for some drinks, and we had a blast conversing with surgeons, doctors, and natural medicine healers. They have a unique system from what I understood, in Chachapoyas, where in the hospital both the natural doctors and traditional doctors work together as a team! Later on that night Kerry showed up and introduced us to a lot of other English and French teachers for his school. There were great people all over the world conversing in various languages all over a table of locally made liquors. I have never had so much fun at a bar! Especially being that I hardly EVER go to bars. We made some great friends that night, one of them being a cool Peruvian dude named Martin who moved to Canada when he was young, and thus speaks English, French, and Spanish perfectly.

Four hours later it was time to get up bright and early to prepare for the tour of Kuelap that day. After switching hostels, and eating a fast breakfast, we were shuttled into a mini bus with about 15 other people. Immediately we made friends with Kate and Andrew a couple from Ireland who have been backpacking around South America for the last 5 months. They are possibly one of the cutest couples I have seen, and are extremely good people! The 2.5 hour drive up the mountain to visit the Pre-Incan ruin site of Kuelap was not anything near as frightening as the previous few bus rides. We were very impressed by the driver and by the guide as well, who spoke extremely slow and clear Spanish, perfect for us "gringos". I was completely blown away by the magistracy of this ruin site. This was THE TOP OF THE WORLD!!! Words can't describe the immense beauty of the landscape surrounding the site. Huge mountain peaks and valleys would stretch on forever and ever. The only regret I have was that we couldn't spend more time visiting Kuelap, we only had 3 hours to walk through the entire site, including walking up the mountain and back down. I could have spent all day and night there, which I do plan on doing one of these days :)

( Martin, Me, Kate, Andrew)

(part of a view of outlook surrounding Kuelap)

Coming back into Chachapoyas later that evening- most of our tour group decided to meet up again at La Reina that evening. After a nice nap, I was ready to meet adventure head on! We met up with Martin, who was also coincidentally in our tour group to Kuelap, Kate and Andrew, Fabian (French guy from tour), Kerry (showed up later), we met a new friend Daniel (from Germany), Louisa ( Danish girl from tour as well), as well as various others that trickled in as the night got later and later. Finally at around 1:30 I was able to go with a small group to check out the dance club right down the road called La Reina as well! I had fun, but was quite appalled at how dirty my toe-shoes got from all the spilled beer covering the very crowded Peruvian dance floor. About an hour later I called it a night and found my way back into the very comfortable bed of our new hostel.

Sunday turned out to be delicious. It was a day of rest and integration. We slept as much as we needed to, went out for some food, and rested some more. Later Sunday night, we went yet again to La Reina and were pretty much the only people there for the first little while. This turned out in our favor because the lovely two bartenders, Yesena and Ronni were able to make an impact on us. Within a few minutes of talking, Yesena had invited Phoenix and I to spend Monday with her and Ronni at her home pueblo exploring the natural beauty. They were inciting us with the sound of "hot springs", and to experience some net fishing, as well as to experience Yesena's mother's cooking. We were sold! The plan was to arrive at Yesena's and Ronni's house around the corner from the bar the next morning at 6:45. So that we did. After another night of little sleep we got up and hurried through the calm morning streets to find the cute couples' humble abode. Our knocking woke them up, but instead of telling us to come back later, they invited us in and offered us oranges and bananas while they busied themselves getting ready for the day.

Let me go on a little rant here about this couple. They blow me away. ABSOLUTELY. They are by far some of the most kind-hearted, generous, good, sweet people I have EVER met in my life. Yesena was telling us in the bar the night before, that her monthly income is 500 soles. This is after 7 days a week, working from 7 pm until randomly late hours in the night, with absolutely no breaks. 500 soles is about 179 dollars a month. Her and Ronni make combined 1000 soles a month, which goes towards a savings fund to save a hefty amount to go back to college and finish their respective degrees. A portion goes towards living expenses and the rest goes back to their families to support them. They have very very little. But they are pretty happy and content in where they are going in their lives. With the minimal stuff they have, they gifted Phoenix right away with a beautiful hand woven Peruvian belt and he was so deeply touched by this gesture.

When we arrived in Molinopampa, the small village of 400 people where Yesena was born and raised, we were in for the BIGGEST culture shock of our lives. We were immediately welcomed into the family. Yesena's mother cooked us breakfast from an open fire, camping style. The house was made of clay brick patched together, and the floor was bumpy dirt. There was no such thing as inside versus outside, it all kind of blended together. In the middle of the abode, there was a weird courtyard thing where all the clean clothes were hung out to dry. To the back of the home was a small garden with just lettuce and chard growing. There were various weird fruit trees that I had never seen before- and right away they picked a full bag of fruit to take back home with us. There were chicken running around freely, as well as cats and dogs. The kitchen was the most unsanitary thing I have seen in my life, and the sink for the whole house was across the courtyard next to a cage of guinea pig, they keep for eating.

 (the simple stove)

(the outside of the humble house)

The mother was very kind and generous, and also had to look after her older sister who was now both blind and deaf, as well as hunched over 90 degrees from horrible arthritis. Yesena's sister was also living in the home, she was 20 years old and basically autistic and non-sociable from all the damage her father has inflicted upon her- through abandonment. Not only that, but the mother was also watching Yesena's 6 year old daughter while Yesena lived 50 minutes away in Chachapoyas to try and make some money.

(blind and deaf sister of the mom of Yesena)

Nothing was hidden from us, all was out in the open, and nothing had the energy around it, like it should be shamed. Even though this family had virtually nothing, they had each other, and they were content and happy.

We were finally taken to go fishing. This consisted of Ronni wading in the river with a net throwing it out randomly to try and catch some fish. He did catch one fish- of which Yesena ended up holding and putting the fishes mouth up to hers for a nice fishy kiss! ????? HAHAHA- we wanted a picture but she wouldn't give it to us.

After fishing we walked up a little ways to visit the "hot springs". Now I put the hot springs in quotation marks because it was the furthest thing from hot springs that we have seen. The water was cold, but they called it hot because the water at the springs was warmer than the river water! So cute! So this area was just a little trickle of water flowing from the mountain into a little tiny pond. While we were there though Phoenix started explaining to them the actual state of America, and our very non-existent American culture. They were thoroughly interested, open, and I was able to see that they were actually pretty well educated for being from Peru.

After a sweet vegetarian lunch (normally they eat meat, but specially prepared lunch with out it in honor of our request), we spent a little more time romping around the small village. It turns out basically everyone in the village is either a cousin, aunt, or uncle of Yesena's. This is apparently pretty normal, so it is best to find a husband or wife from another village. Ronni is from a neighboring village that has a much higher elevation. From what I understood though, I believe they were childhood friends.

Basically the whole day spent with them was fantastic, sweet, and very humbling. By the time we got back to Chachapoyas we were spent though. The full weekend was catching up to us, as well was the very unhygienic food:) Back inside their apartment, we intended to leave Ronni and Yesena with a little thank you gift of 100 soles. (36 U.S. Dollars). They were so shocked, and heavily resisted the gift, because it was way too much. Eventually Phoenix had to say: "if you don't take this gift you will be insulting us", and that eventually seemed to work. We had to just leave the 100 soles on the table, and were very touched by Yesena's sweet free-flowing emotional state. She was pleading that we come back soon, and we promised we would, since we are now family! Walking back to the hostel I was sooooo moved by the whole experience, I too broke down into tears. Words will never be able to describe the depth of this experience. We were shown such love and care- without precedent. There was no reason for them to do such a sweet thing for us, other then Yesena expressing that when she first saw us we felt like brother and sister to her.
I truly want to do whatever I can to help both of them achieve their dreams. Yesena only needs 1,800 dollars- 5,000 soles to finish up her dermatology degree and start to make a better life for herself. It will take her another 2-3 years to save up that amount before she can even start to think about school again.

What a wake up call, we have such ridiculously privileged lives. Phoenix and I can make money happen as we will, and basically do whatever we want wherever we want, and that is how we want to continue to live. From now on though, whatever I can give to those in need I will. I will do so out of the pure love of my heart, and with each of these actions the world will become a better place.

Chachapoyas is truly a treasure sitting atop the mountains in the northern region of Peru, it is the capital of Amazonas- and truly sets a wonderful example for the rest of South America to follow.

Now back in Tarapoto we have started the next leg of the adventure.
We went from an empty guest house to a full one in one weeks time. Our friends Kate and Andrew from Ireland are living with us here in Shambo Tambo, and a new friend Gabriel (from Peru but speaks absolutely perfect English) moved in yesterday and his girlfriend will arrive on Friday! Our friends Fabian, Daniel, and Martin are also currently in Chachapoyas, so Tarapoto is turning out to be a great reunion for our international mountain tribe!

I started my Afro-Peruano dance classes again and I am loving getting to sweat every day, as compared to the more mild and colder temperatures of Chachapoyas.

Until next time, when the adventures continue to blossom, I will write at the inspiration of my fingertips.
Adios mis amigos!


Saturday, May 3, 2014

What is going on these last few days? Big things. Big things.

I am writing this after beautiful torrential downpours have made the ground soggy and quite slippery.
It is believed by the people here that if you go outside during rain, you will get sick. Moreover if you look or stare at a rainbow you will get very deathly sick. AND If a rainbow appears you must run inside and not look at it.

 A lot of people here believe the world is flat.  If you start to explain the truth to them, they think you are lying to them, and can not by any means handle that sort of drastic paradigm shift.

It makes me reflect yet again, on how lucky we are as Americans, (even though most of us complain about what a ridiculous country we are) to have all of the opportunities we DO have. More then any other place in the world (as far as I know), we can truly carve out our own path in the USA. I am half Italian (dad's side) half German (mom's side)- and so I have spent ample amounts of time in Europe, mostly living in Germany. I love Europe, I love my family that lives over there- but a few years back I was given several chances to move over there. I still could move to Europe if I wanted to. Yet what always stopped me was the deep knowing that I would have more freedom and "tribe" here in the USA. There are probably more "progressive", and "conscious" cities here then any other country in the world. Where else can we find so many forward thinking people deeply passionate about changing this earth to be more in alignment with the values of Harmony, Peace, and Equality for ALL? The quality of experience is so unique in America. I wouldn't be able to do half the things I dream up if I was living in Europe, where the structure is much more rigid, and the hoops to jump through much more high. All I am saying at this moment, is living for a while in a "third world country" where people are struggling to just get by day to day, really gives One a huge perspective shift. The fact that we have access to food, water, and shelter for the most part every day, and on average, most Americans expect these basic necessities to be taken care of, is so amazing. Most of the world is living in extreme poverty. Granted there is extreme poverty in America as well, yet speaking from my own experience as Norianna- I have been given an extremely blessed life. I was born into a family that had its own issues, but I was ALWAYS amply provided for. Anything I needed or really wanted, I was able to have. My dreams were nurtured, and my individuality cherished. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity I have in this lifetime to create anything I dream of, and to reach unlimited highs regarding my spiritual evolution.

Even though America is crashing hard at the moment, I am grateful that the open spirit of the Country has nurtured me into being the way I am today. I am not even so certain I want to continue living in America for much longer, and it is probably wise to get out of what is becoming more and more a dictatorship everyday... Yet I am just reflecting on the egregore that is USA. What the USA truly stands for and we have to remind ourselves that it is equally as bad some other countries, and terribly worse everywhere else.

Looking on the bright side, all the time.

So lots has been happening in Yacumama. I find out Thursday that my car was hit when my girlfriend was calmly parallel parking- strange news. She is OK, everything will be OK I believe, just some car body-work to be taken car of. Thursday was also a night of peaking emotion for me as well, a combination of a lot of things were surfacing. I was able to very very very clearly see how my thoughts inform my emotions, and how if I keep putting attention on those thoughts and emotions, they will only intensify and create the situation to grow into manifestation more. Life is TRULY a matter of perception. I can TRULY choose how I perceive it. Simple is as simple does...:) Yet it is not quite so easy- simple yes, easy- well, that is another story. Friday morning I woke up and had some residual emotion come up for me. I choose to keep moving in my yoga practice, and to meditate, and finally to write out what I am releasing onto paper. I had to literally force myself to shift my energy, and Viola! It worked! Phoenix exclaimed "Nori is back!!". I would like to thank my moon-cycle for ending, so I can be back to my normal self, yet I am ever so grateful for its deep insights and introverted energy.

Well yesterday late afternoon Phoenix and I were in the lab and got the news from Dio that Aubrey's father had just passed away.
That hit us like a ton of bricks. What an intense thing to hear on a Friday afternoon.
On any afternoon.

My heart reaches out to her- since we have arrived she has had a whole lot of stuff happen, hitting her hard from every angle possible, and now this? She is truly an inspiration at how she walks through life, taking it as it comes with as much grace as possible. We still don't know in definitive terms, but it is looking like at 7 months pregnant, her and Dio will be flying to New Jersey to be with the family in mourning. This totally alters our plans being in Peru as well. It is all happening in divine flow, as nothing can not happen that way- and this is definitely not the last time we will be coming here. If they do end up leaving, Phoenix and I will be taking a few days tour out to visit the beautiful ruins of Chachapoya, about 700 years older then Machu Picchu. I will be writing about that adventure for sure! I am just so curious how the rest of our time will play out while we are here. It seems like we are only hitting the tip of the ice burg so far.

I personally have actually gone through quite some transformation already- and yet because it all feels so very integrated, if I didn't have Phoenix as a reflection, it may just pass me by. I am eager for more shifts, insights, and releasing to happen.

I arrived here with some expectations, but trying my hardest to keep an open mind and heart. I am fulfilling my main expectation to dance, by studying Afro-Peruano with Susan and Aida- basically the only two teachers of that form out here. It is a beautiful blend between African and Peruvian/Latin dance. I look forward to learning more about it. Other then having 4 one hour classes of that set up a week, I am free to do as I choose.
Read, sleep, walk, speak Spanish, cook, yoga, meditate, go to town...
Then when it rains here, not too much else happens- people chill inside and hide from the rainbows.
I on the other hand, definitely don't hide from the rainbows instead I remark at its beauty- because in my paradigm the rainbows won't make me sick.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Future. I see you. I create you.

The crickets are chirping,
 The geckos are slithering. 

The moths keep banging up against the glass window trying to get inside a safe haven.
    AND, the cockroaches know just how to freak out a girl getting ready to make dinner.
          I am proud of myself for not screaming. 
I need to get some pictures of these guys... they are HUGE 3 times the size of normal coakroaches. 
                              Yes. AND they fly. OH my!
 I bravely conquered both of the unsuspecting cockroaches as they were lounging in the kitchen!!! Go me!!! Yet honestly I had the quivers and goosebumps for a few minutes after.  

So funny how my perspective shifts a few days before I get my period, and interesting how it shifts during my period. Once I stop bleeding I can feel myself regaining my full "Nori" power back. Such an interesting cycle to note- because a few days ago I was in a much different head-space around this trip. I was afraid I wouldn't have anything to do, and I would have these crazy hot, long days... and blah blah blah. Yet now I am finding- there is always plenty to do- and I am absolutely enjoying this time to integrate, rest, and rejuvenate. Such a blessing to have this moon-time to detox emotions and thoughts that have been brewing for the last month. 

Phoenix and I have been talking a lot about the real possibility of moving out to Peru. We are both serious, big-time dreamers, so for us dreaming and creating is half the fun! Yet there are seriously so many pros to moving to this area of Peru. We are planning on taking a trip hopefully this weekend to check out Sauce, a little town in the beautiful spot of Laguna Azul. It is a 90 minute taxi ride from Tarapoto. I happened across a white man selling his 3 acre parcel (advertising on You-Tube of all places) out there a few years back, so I wrote him an email to see if it was still available by chance. He wrote me back saying it wasn't but we were still welcome to check out the property. He also mentioned that the whole town was for sale, so we shouldn't have a hard time finding other parcels of land for sale. It should be really cheap out there- say less than or about 10-15 grand for 2-5 acres. 

My ultimate plan has always been to be able to live off the land in a beautiful tropical paradise, while having that land serve as a "healing-arts-retreat-learning-center". I know I am not the only one with this vision. Many of my friends share the same longing as well. Yet over the years I am marveling at how all the necessary pieces just come together naturally. With each piece I am able to refine and recreate my dream to be more and more functional, exact, and real. 

With this new moon on Sunday, I felt this alignment happening inside of me. Everything seems soooooo possible, and almost like it is on the verge of manifesting physically. When I dream about my future, and where I want to be in a few years I have three major components that are becoming to be more solidified. *Most importantly I desire to be eating all the food I am growing, and to be living in harmony with nature- off the "grid" with a fresh water source. This place is my heaven. 
*On this land I envision having a movement studio to offer various forms of movement and healing art workshops/classes. Blending Alchemy, Yoga, Somatics, and Dance into a grounded, and direct path to deep transformation. I see myself offering powerful workshops in the movement arts and really carving my own unique niche within the field. With this offering I intend to travel far and wide holding sacred space for people all over the world. 
*I would also love to create an online TV show that highlights various movement professionals, healers, and people in the somatic field. Phoenix can help me set up the platform very easily and I can get started on that right away. Being able to create a passive/ residual income source with this platform as well, will be a major plus. 

Whenever I dream about my future I have always had the components of sustainability, harmony, financial freedom, travel, teaching, continuous learning, and making a positive impact in many ways. 

When I think about grounding all of that in, to land in Peru- with the plan that Phoenix and I have been plotting, it just feels fucking amazing! Yet I know my journey will take me to places I never imagined, and will take a whole lot of dedication, time, love, and endurance. I am looking forward, yet I am enjoying this time to deeply remind myself of the here and now. That everything I am seeking for is truly already inside of me. I am almost 24 and yet age shouldn't matter, I am recognizing that everything has it's time and place. I can't rush the river. I can float down it on an inter-tube and enjoy the scenery on the way. Because, I think there is something about my life and where it is headed that is inevitable. Everything happens in perfect timing indeed. I trust in my destiny and I am also totally willing to do what it takes to make it happen. 

Empowered, Bleeding, Thoughtful,